Alum stick 120g

Alum is an ancient natural mineral. It was used to quickly stop bleeding from minor razor burns. With the arrival of better shaving products, it has become unjustified - forgotten something.
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After shave stick with 100% natural alum

Why do you use alum after swith?
  • Alum stops the bleeding. Alum let contract the proteins in the skin (astringent) thereby closing wounds and stop the bleeding.
  • Alum neutralizes the drying effects of soap residue on your skin. Swith soaps are alkaline or alkaline, with a pH-value between 7 and 14. Alum is dissolved in water gives an acid-free with a pH value of 7 or below. This explains the neutralizing effect on the already alkaline soap.
  • Alum is slightly antiseptic. Therefore, it is effective against pimples and acne.
  • Alum close your skin pores.
  • Alum soothes and restores skin. As a result, skin irritations be avoided or reduced.
  • Alum gives a refreshing and clean feeling after swith.
  • Alum is suitable for all skin types; even sensitive skin.
  • Alum is odor-free and therefore ideal to combine with other after-shave products.
How to use alum after swith?

The alum stick suffices to match or slightly rubbing the wound after flushing of the face. Here, the working pleasant to the alum surface equally in the water dipping.

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