Brow Glue

BROWLY's Brow Glue is not a conventional eyebrow gel. Thanks to its ultra-strong styling power, it fixes eyebrows all day without sticking.

Face splash

This softening spray made from the finest roses activates the eyebrow booster, gives your make-up shine, makes your skin glow and refreshes your appearance.


Browly Highlighter & Concealer

Highlighter & Concealer

BROWLY's clever multitasking pencil visually lifts, draws and defines eyebrows, completing your look for a perfect Brow WOW result!


Browly Soap Booster

Soap Booster

Take control: This brow soap + brush bundle transforms your brows within the blink of an eye and lets you style them the way you like: from brushed-up to natural to full glam.