Disinfecting Handgel with pump 500ml

Disinfecting hand gel with a specific structure that allows rapid absorption and evaporation for a thorough skin disinfection.
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Disinfectant hand gel for thorough skin disinfection.

Previously what hygiene is so important as now. Disinfectant hand gel has become an indispensable item at this time. To go to the grocery store or at someone's something dispensing, good hygiene is of great importance. Disinfecting your hands include very important. Many people do not realize how many products they come into contact and how easily viruses can spread. A good disinfectant hand spreading can proceed against and reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause diseases.

To combat including the coronavirus is recommended to use a handdesinfectiegel to with an alcohol content of 60% or more preferably higher . This gel has an alcohol content of no less than 70%, and fully in compliance with the standard.

70% Ethanol handgel

Dirty hands but no soap and water around? Then, an anti-bacterial gel may provide a solution.

In this gel is ethanol and / or propanol, substances that kill bacteria and viruses. For efficient operation must be least 70% ethanol are in the gel. Unless there still propanol in it, then use a smaller dose of ethanol.

This disinfectant hand reducing bacteria can cause illness to the skin. The hand gel contains 70% alcohol, deionized water, glycerin, and carbomer (thickening agent). Gives you after each use a fresh, clean and secure feeling. For external use only.

Use of disinfectant hand gel

Apply a small amount to the back of the hand, rub hands with them and allow to dry without wiping. For children under 6 years only under adult supervision. The disinfectant does not remain on the skin and does not stick, dries in seconds and reduce bacteria.

In case of eye contact: Immediately eyes gently rinse with lukewarm water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses. If irritation develops, and remains, a doctor raadplegen.Vermijd contact with wounds and mucous membranes, do not inhale or ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


Felien Boons Posted on 10 August 2020 at 14:59

Fijn dat jullie nu ook handgel verkopen voor mijn schoonheidssalon :)

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