Mouth mask - white - FFP2- 2 pcs

Professional KN95 FFP2 mouth masks with elastic straps and an adjustable nose clip to make them fit well. Low weight and higher wearing comfort thanks to the soft inner shell. The mouth masks are packed per 2 pieces.
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Optimal protective face masks FFP2 KN95

Looking for a universal mouth mask that fits perfectly on your face? These face masks conform to the classifications and standards that provide effective protection. The face masks are foldable and filter the air you breathe in and out.

From professional quality and features elastic straps. The soft inner shell and light weight, the caps have a high comfort. The face masks are individually wrapped, so you always have a completely clean face mask at your disposal.

Protection: KN95 / FFP2 <//h2>

KN95 / FFP2 protect against the inhalation of ultra-fine particles in the air such as dust and moisture. KN95 is an international standard and represents a filter of 95% of airborne particles. FFP2 (Full Face Protection) is the European standard and represents a filter of 94%. Filter level: & gt; 95%

The filter face mask of the filters is at least 95% of the air before it is inhaled.

Content: 2 face masks <//h2>

The mouth masks are packed per 2.

Color: <//h2>

All masks are supplied in the color white. Dirt and damages are thus immediately visible.

Size: one size (adult) <//h2>

The dimensions of the mask are suitable for each adult. Thanks to the adjustable nose clip, you can also ensure that the face mask fits perfectly on your face.

Note: Ouleok Technologies <//h2>

Manufacturer Ouleok delivers products that meet the required global standards. The Chinese company was in January commissioned by the government to deploy the full capacity to produce mouth masks.

CE Certification / production standard <//h2>

FFP2 NRD GB2626-2006 (civil Grade).

NOTE: When used only to protect a face mask according to the guidelines.

Make sure at first that you have a mask of good quality. Read here all you need to know about masks. A surgical mask protects only if you wear it correctly.

How do I use a face mask

Always wash your hands with disinfectant soap before touching the mask. Make sure your mouth cap is intact.

Foldable FFP2 masks <//h2>

  1. Keep foldable face mask with both hands, while the back is facing upwards. Pull out the panels from each other, so that the mouth cap receives a cup shape (Figure 1).
  2. Make sure that the cap is fully deployed (Figure 2).
  3. Keep the face mask on the convex side with one hand. Make sure the nosepiece pointing upwards. Keep elastics with your other hand. Place the mask over your mouth and nose chin and pull the elastic over your head (Figure 3).
  4. Place the top elastic band at the height of your head and the bottom elastic in your neck, under your ears. not sure that the elastics intersect. Make sure the mask fits well on your face and that nowhere is folded (Figure 4).
  5. use both hands to push the metal nose clip in to, so that it adopts the shape of your nose and no more air can pass (Figure 5).
  6. Regularly check if the face mask is still good and whether there is no breath from escaping around the mask (figure 6).
  7. Use the mask no safety for more than eight hours. You can not reuse the mask. You will experience increasing difficulty in breathing? Then, too, the face mask replacement is needed.

Maximum use surgical masks <//h2>

We encourage you to mask mouth no more and no longer wear than eight hours. Even if the surgical mask is contaminated or damaged, or if breathing is difficult, the face mask to be replaced. For use in healthcare RIVM has drawn up guidelines around the use. We always recommend you follow them.

Alerts & amp; restrictions <//h2>

To ensure that you get the maximum protection from your mouth mask, we give you some tips. Keep this in mind!

  • A face mask protects against dust and moisture particles.
  • Wear only a mouth cap which seal properly. Do you have a beard? Connect a face mask not airtight to your face.
  • Before use, check the mouth cap is intact and clean.
  • Follow the wearing of surgical masks, the setup instructions.
  • The mouth masks do not protect against gases or vapors.
  • Use the mouth mask, not when the content of oxygen in the air is lower than 19.5%.
  • Stop using when you breathe hard or nauseous or dizzy.
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