New at Wax Discounter

Maxxime wax heater Easy Single

Wax heater for 100 ml wax roll-on cartridges.

MaXXime wax heater double

A wax heater that allows you to heat all types of wax in no time. With this model, wax can be heated to a very precise temperature, which gives Brazilian wax particularly impressive results when it comes to depilation.


MaXXime MaXXime wax heater for 400 ml cans

MaXXime wax heater for 400 ml cans

Professional wax heater for 400 ml cans.


ItalWax Synthetic film wax orchid, 750g 10 bags

Synthetic film wax orchid, 750g 10 bags

Wax with a thin consistency. When the wax has melted, it becomes completely transparent. Enriched with a soft and pleasant orchid scent. Titanium dioxide-free. Super affordable 10x750g Box!


Xanitalia 5d Quadra professional magnifier lamp

5d Quadra professional magnifier lamp

You can grab this square magnifying lamp in a standing position, but it is also easy to attach to the table thanks to the supplied clamp.


Xanitalia Saddle stool with back white

Saddle stool with back white

Luxurious and convenient white saddle stool with back support. Features sky leather upholstery and ergonomic shape; indispensable in the barber store or beauty salon!


Xanitalia Teckno anatomic 180° armchair

Teckno anatomic 180° armchair

This anatomical chair can be converted into a comfortable bed thanks to moving parts. The backrest and parts can tilt and the seat and backrest can be easily operated using the display on the side.


Xanitalia Tekno Fit armchair

Tekno Fit armchair

Treatments can now be done effortlessly in this beautiful and practical white armchair that can be converted to a reclining position in no time.

Tweezers pointer Pro grip - 1K002-9.5PG

Superior and high-quality cosmetic tweezers with lamellar surface for a good grip.

Tweezers slanted dark blue 1K109

Superior and high quality cosmetic tweezers with angled tips in classic design.

Wax heater for 100ml cartridges with handy eject button

The handy push button makes ejecting the wax cartridge easy. This professional Eject Refill Wax Heater is also suitable for home use.

Wax cartridge sugar 100 ml

Sugar wax in rollers, trendy hair removal with a sugar-based resin. An excellent sugar wax with excellent results. Easily removes all unwanted hair growth. This wax is suitable for all skin types.

New at Wax Discounter

Our parent company Maxx Wellness is always looking for new products that can make our lives more pleasant. Wax Discounter is therefore continuously expanded with beautiful, innovative and high-quality new products from renowned brands. Brands that we import ourselves in most cases. Because only the best is good enough for the Wax Discounter Waxing Shop!

Various wax and wax sets

Would you like to go through and try out the entire wax process yourself? Wax Discounter has put together various starter kits in which all facets of a wax treatment can be tested. There are sets for body waxing as well as Brazilian treatments. From the prewax products to the afterwax products, the wax set for starters contains the complete package. And you can go your own way. Moreover, you are cheaper too!

All wax and wax products are from top brands such as ItalWax, Biemme and Xanitalia