Waxing Supplies and Hygiene

Empty can for wax with lid

400 or 800 ml can empty with lid. Fits in all 400 or 800ml ml resin devices

Wooden wax spatulas extra narrow (100 pieces)

Extra narrow wooden wax spatulas. Packed per 100 pieces in a box. Suitable for use on the face, eyebrows, upper lip and chin.

Depilation strips extra strong, 100 pieces

Extra strong and soft depilation strips, white. The depilation strips are pre-cut to a length of approx. 20 cm and have a width of 7 cm. Intended for the professional removal of applied strip wax.

Treatment Chair Paper White Laminated

Laminated treatment chair paper in white. Length 80 meters, width 60 cm with a perforation every 50 cm for easy tearing.

Fleece rolls 7 cm x 50 or 100 m

Fleece rolls for a velvety soft skin feeling. 50 or 100 m. 7cm


ItalWax Extra Large Wooden Disposable Wax Spatulas 60pcs

Extra Large Wooden Disposable Wax Spatulas 60pcs

60 oversized wooden disposable wax spatulas for applying wax to larger areas such as legs and back.

Zinc oxide hot wax

Warm wax for removing short and tight hair.

Wax device cleaner, 500ml

Detergents for wax machines. for wax removal after depilation - for tools, devices. Also cleans any wax residues from furniture, floors, etc. For all oil-soluble waxes.

Strips on a roll (perforated) 80mt

This practical roll is ideal for epilation in professional salons. Here you get more than thirty pre-perforated strips on a roll. Practical to use.

Tuniek Navy

Fitted tunic with asymmetrical neckline, concealed front zip fastening and faux crystal button detail. Produced from soft twill polyester.

Wax strips, wax spatulas and protective rings

Non-woven and woven wax strips

The ItalWax non-woven wax strips are made of high-quality material and are available on a roll of 80m and 100m. Thanks to the professional quality, flakes are a thing of the past and they do not become full. Wax strips are also available in 100% high-quality woven cotton. These cotton wax strips are ideal for liquid wax and are mainly used for waxing the body and legs.

Wooden wax spatulas

To apply the wax you need wax spatulas. The Harsdiscounter Waxing Shop range offers different sizes. The size of wax spatula you need depends on what you plan to wax. The small wax spatulas are beveled at the end and therefore suitable for applying wax to, for example, eyebrows, upper lip, jawline or chin. Large wax spatulas are of course more suitable for the larger surfaces such as the legs, chest or back. Both variants are delivered in a box of 100 pieces.

Protection rings

When heating the wax, there is a chance that a wax residue will escape around the rim of the can and attack the wax heater. To prevent the wax from helping the wax heater to the moon, you can provide the wax can with a wax ring. These cardboard protective rings can be quickly and easily attached to the edge of the wax can. This not only protects your valuable waxing device, but also prevents the tin from sticking.

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Wax supplies wholesale

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