Wax cartridge Mini Pink Titanium 100ml

This 100 ml Xanitalia Pink wax contains titanium dioxide, which makes the hair removal wax particularly soft.
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Xanitalia Wax Cartridge Mini Pink Titanium

The superior formula of this wax is applied by means of a smooth and thin film, and is suitable for highly sensitive skin - and parts of the body. The wax does not stick to the skin but to the hair and creates a softer, less painful removal of the strip. Especially recommended for use in dehydrated, dry, sensitive or tanned skin.

Useful, non-leaking, roll-on container allows for easy, fast and secure wax experience. Fits all our cartridge heaters.

Mini roller for upper lip and eyebrows.

Ingredients: Glyceryl Rosinatte, Paraffinum Liquidum, Colophony, Cera Micro Cristalina, Titanium dioxide

Can include: C.I. 26100, C.I. 61565, C.I. 4700

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