Care products

Oval cotton scrub sponge, 15,5X9,5cm

Oval scrub sponge made of cotton for a light scrub and better blood circulation

Oval cotton scrub sponge cm 16x12

This cotton scrub sponge in oval shape removes dead skin cells and ensures wonderfully soft skin with repeated use.

Rectangular cotton scrub sponge , 13X8cm

Rectangular cotton scrub sponge, 13X8cm that massages, exfoliates and revitalizes the skin.

Round cotton scrub sponge - 10 cm

Cotton scrub sponge with a diameter of 10 centimeters with which the skin is lightly massaged and well cleaned. After repeated use, your skin will feel silky smooth.

Oval cotton scrub sponge with strap, 15,5X10,5cm

Cotton scrub sponge with holder for in the shower or bath.


Audrey Laure Silk Hair Growth Retardant, 150ml

Silk Hair Growth Retardant, 150ml

Silk is a revolutionary moisturizing hair growth inhibitor that is the result of medical research, based on natural products and recognized for their effectiveness.

Skin Evolution Warming Scrub Spicy Berry, 300ml

Awaken the energy in your body with the warming scrub "spicy berry".

Skin Evolution Body Scrub Mint Sorbet, 300ml

Get your body in shape with the toning body scrub "mint sorbet".

SkinEvolution. Natural Deep Cleansing Body Scrub Icy Ginger, 300 ml

Evolution Icy Ginger Body Scrub exfoliates dirt and dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin.


Instant Effects 3D lip plumping treatment, 4ml

3D lip plumping treatment, 4ml

The patented OX2+ Transfer technology and hyaluronic acid elements make this Instant Effects lip care active on all fronts to restore volume loss.

Intimate refreshment tissues 30 pieces

The tissues are soft and moist and contain no perfume, alcohol or soap. The refreshment tissues have been specially developed for external cleaning and refreshment of the vagina. The tissues are for single use. pH skin neutral and dermatologically approve

Preparing a wax procedure

A good preparation.....

Good preparation is half the job. The right pre- and post-treatment eases the waxing procedure, saves time and prevents unnecessary pain. It makes the skin free of moisture, skin flakes, bacteria and make-up. These are all external obstacles to a pain-free waxing process and a good result. Therefore, make sure that the skin is always degreased and dried beforehand. Even after waxing, the necessary care of the skin is required. In addition, remove wax residues, soothe the skin and restore the pH value with the best creams, talcum powders, oils and lotions. The pre- and post-treatment products are very economical in use and last for many treatments.

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Wholesale pre- and post-treatment products

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