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Sugar paste

Sugar paste is a mixture of water, sugar and citric acid. Due to its composition, it cannot actually be called wax. Wax and sugar paste have the combined ability to remove hair effectively. Sugarpaste encapsulates the hair like ItalWachs hard wax. But sugar paste is more effective on hair longer than an inch. The wax encapsulates the hair, which creates more grip. So you can remove the hair at once. This saves time, wax (money), and there is less pain and redness. The ItalWachs sugar paste hardly sticks to the skin itself.

The difference: lower temperatures

Although sugar paste has the same properties as a normal wax in many ways, there is one big difference between these types: temperature. This type of wax requires a much lower temperature for depilation. Make sure that the sugar paste does not come into contact with water. The composition of sugar, water and citric acid makes it dissolve during the act. This disadvantage is also a great advantage, because any residue can be easily removed from the skin with a little water. These three basic elements combined with fragrances and dyes also reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Waxing with sugar paste

The wax must be applied with a spatula in a thin layer and in the direction of hair growth. Depilation in two ways: with the fingers, also called "flick", or with resin strips. Either method removes the hair in the direction of the hair growth for the best result.

The benefits of sugar paste:

We have put a number of advantages of sugar paste among themselves:

- Warm up faster

- It is suitable for all parts of the body.

- It hurts less because it catches the hair, not the skin.

- There is less rash and irritation on the skin.

- The wax treatment can be sped up in that all hair is removed in a single movement. Fewer work steps and therefore more speed.

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