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ItalWax hard wax, the new way of waxing!

In Europe, more and more beauticians are working with film wax. Film wax is an improved version of the classic hot wax.

Film wax wax beads remove all of the hair from the follicle without breaking for long lasting results. Wax pearls are ideal for the whole body, especially where the hair is shorter. With this wax solution, you don't have to wait for the hair to grow back to 2 cm to grow it - you can start right away with the wax beads.

Film wax - also called hard wax - is applied to the skin as a warm, liquid substance in a thin layer. After cooling, this wax hardens. Then the wax can be easily removed as a film without breaking. Cotton strips are unnecessary and skin irritation is a thing of the past. 

Which parts of the body do I wax with film wax?

Film wax is very suitable for waxing the vulnerable parts such as armpits, face and bikini line. If you want to wax and wax these body parts yourself at home, Italwax Film Wax is the best choice. 

Less pain and skin irritation with film wax

Since film wax only sticks to the hair and not to the skin, the waxing process is much less painful than with classic wax. Another benefit is the significantly lower chance of a rash and skin irritation. Film wax is also considered to be the better version of the classic warm wax or hot wax. Additionally, this type of wax can be removed in one motion. The added plasticides ensure that the wax does not break when removed. A quality that requires fewer actions and saves a lot of time. Short and stiff hair is also removed smoothly. It is precisely these properties that make film wax extremely suitable for waxing the vulnerable parts such as armpits, face and bikini line.

Different drying times

The short drying time (only a few minutes) gives you the opportunity to correct errors during use. Due to the longer drying time, the small downy hairs are also encapsulated and removed in just one movement. If you have a tight schedule or don't want to wait, our range also offers film wax with a short curing time, the perfect solution.

Available in pellets

Film wax is available in granules, also called pellets, in a bag of 1000 or 500 grams.

The advantages of film wax 

We have compiled a number of advantages of film wax:

- Film wax hurts less because it catches the hair and not the skin.

- Film wax causes less rash and skin irritation.

- Plasticides have been added to the film wax to make the wax more flexible. As a result, the wax does not disintegrate when removed. The classic azulene wax breaks down frequently and faster.

- Film wax can speed up the wax treatment by removing all hair in one movement. Less actions and therefore more speed.

- Film wax thoroughly removes hair.

- Film wax does not leave damaged hair.

- Film wax has a low melting temperature.

- Film wax is 38% more economical than classic warm wax.

- Ideal for waxing sensitive body parts: armpits, bikini line and face.

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