All types of wax in can , roll-on cartridge or granules

Film Wax

Film wax - also called hard wax - is applied as a warm liquid substance in a thin layer to the skin after the wax granules (beans, beads, pearls) have been heated. Once cooled, this wax hardens. The wax can then be removed easily and without breaking as a film. Cotton strips are superfluous and skin irritation is a thing of the past.     

Hot wax

The canned wax contains 400 ml or 800 ml of soft, transparent, liquid resin with various scents, colours, bases and applications. Heat the can of resin to the desired temperature before use. The heated resin should be applied in a thin layer to the skin for best results. Apply the resin with a spatula in the direction of the hair. The resin can then be removed using depilatory strips. 

Roll-on wax cartridges

Universal resin cartridges or resin rollers containing 100 ml of transparent liquid resin. Each with its own specification and specialty. The cartridges should be heated using a cartridge heater suitable for 100ml cartridges. First, heat the resin cartridge to the intended temperature. The heated resin should be applied to the skin in a thin layer for optimal results. Thanks to the integrated roller system, application is very easy, smooth and efficient. When doing so, make sure to roll the resin in the direction of the hair. Using a hair removal strip, the resin can then be removed. A great advantage of waxing with resin cartridges is that a resin spatula is not needed.


Sugar wax, also called sugar paste, is a mixture of water, sugar and citric acid. Considering the composition, sugar paste is strictly speaking not a real resin. Resin and sugar paste have the common ability to effectively depilate. Sugarwax encapsulates the hair, just like the ItalWax hard wax. Sugarwax is therefore more effective with hairs longer than one centimetre. Because of the encapsulation the resin gets a lot of grip, which makes it possible to remove the hairs in one go. This saves time, resin (and therefore money), pain and red skin. The ItalWax sugar paste hardly sticks to the skin itself.