Italwax Solo | professional hair removal at home

Italwax Solo is specially designed for easy home waxing

The unique formula of Solo wax was developed for home use and guarantees professional results. Solo film wax can be heated quickly and easily in the microwave. Thanks to its special elasticity, the wax is perfect for removing hair on the face, bikini line and arms.

Italwax stands for professional wax and related products that are manufactured according to a modern and classic Italian formula under the strict supervision of our own laboratory in Milan.

Our environmentally friendly production facility is in a picturesque location with a view of a mountain range and green meadows. The factory is equipped with the latest German and Italian equipment that keeps our natural and organic raw materials intact during the production process.

All Italwax waxes have a high adhesive force, which makes hair removal the most effective, fastest, safest and relatively painless.

Italwax Solo’s unique formula has been specially developed for home hair removal and guarantees professional results.