Roll on wax cartridges | Warm soft liquid wax For use with strips

ItalWax roll on wax cartridges

Roll on wax cartridges contain 100 ml of a transparent, liquid wax. Each with their own specification and specialty. First preheat the wax cartridge to the intended temperature. The heated wax is applied in a thin layer on the skin for optimal results. Thanks to the integrated rolling system, the application is very simple, flexible and efficient. The wax is rolled along the hairline. The wax can then be removed with the help of a wax strip. A big advantage of waxing with cartridges is that no wax spatula is necessary.

Wax cartridges increase efficiency

With a wax cartridge, waxing becomes quick and easy, especially on larger areas of skin such as legs, arms, chest and back. In addition, the wax is evenly distributed over the skin in a thin layer with the help of the roller. Thus, a wax cartridge is efficient and inexpensive to use.

ItalWax Top Formula line

The ItalWax Top Formula wax cartridges bring maximum comfort during the waxing process thanks to the synthetic wax component. This synthetic wax significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Please always pay attention to the exact ingredients of the wax products in order to rule out an allergic reaction for 100%. Wax cartridges from the Top Formula line are available in different fragrances and colors: orchid, gold, magnolia, corals, orchids, gold and pearls.

Suitable for universal wax heating!

The ItalWax wax cartridges are each suitable for universal wax heating. If you have a heater at home, you can usually use it to heat the wax cartridges without any problems. If not, check out inexpensive wax heaters from wax discount stores.

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Wholesale wax cartridges

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