Brazilian Waxing Starter Kits

What is Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing is popular, yet not everyone is aware of exactly what it entails. This is because there is a distinction between a bikini wax, which removes the hair on the sides and the upper part along the bikini line, and the Brazilian way. With a Brazilian wax, all the hair in and around the pubic area is waxed. This goes a step further than just removing the bikini line. With the Brazilian method, the hairs in the vagina, the perieum and around the anus are also removed. Including all the hard to reach areas. Most people go for complete baldness. You can of course choose to leave a 'triangle' or 'stripe' on the front. After all, the choice is yours. The result is usually bare, smooth skin without irritation. Both women and men choose this hair removal method.

What do you need for Brazilian waxing?

Basically, you need three things to get started with Brazilian waxing. Of course the wax itself. Then you need a preparation product called pre-wax oil and after-wax lotion. All three products ensure that you get the best result. A super smooth skin and a cared-for feeling. Further in this article you will find more information about the types of wax.

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Brazilian Waxing Starter Kit

Our Brazilian Waxing Kit has everything you need to perform Brazilian Waxing in your salon. This waxing kit is specifically designed for the intimate and sensitive areas.