Brazilian Wax | Instructions for waxing your bikini line

Wax your bikini zone | Brazilian Wax

You can easily wax your bikini line yourself. First of all, make sure that the outgrown hair is not too long and not too short. The best length is between half a centimeter and one centimeter. If the hair is too long this will be especially painful. If the hair is too short, it may happen that the hair is not removed by the film wax.

First of all, there are various supplies and waxing systems that you can use to wax your bikini line at home. Or take a look at the Italwax Starterskit Brazilian 400 ml.


Step-by-step instructions for waxing your bikini line

  1. Make sure you have a grease-free bikini area The skin must be thoroughly clean, dry and, if necessary, grease-free before starting. So there shouldn't be a layer of (your) body lotion or body oil on the skin. This means that the film wax is less able to adhere to the hair.
  2. Make sure the film wax is at the correct temperature: For the best result with film wax, it is important that the film wax is at the correct temperature. The wax must be 45 degrees hot after heating and look like liquid honey. This takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Applying film wax: When the film wax is at the right temperature, you can apply it. You do this with a wax spatula. Always make sure that you end up with a piece of skin without hair. This makes it easier to remove the film wax.

  4. Removing the film wax: After application, you must remove the film wax. First check if the film wax is hard and remove it by grabbing the end and peeling it off in one go. For the best result, it is important that you tighten the skin while removing the film wax.

Brazilian Wax products

Everything you need for hair removal of the bikini line or a beautiful Brazilian, but also for hair removal of armpits and face. These products can be ordered separately or through the Starterskit Bodywaxing for bikini waxing.

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Care after waxing the bikini line.

After waxing, you can rub the skin well with a nourishing cream. It is also recommended not to wear tight cotton underwear until 12 hours after hair removal. This will prevent any abrasion of the dust on the skin and reduce the chance of red spots. In addition, when waxing the bikini line, it should be noted that this skin is more sensitive than your legs, for example! This is because the skin is thinner here too.

With the above instructions, you will be well prepared to wax your bikini line!