Synthetic Film Wax | Anti allergic | Without pine resin | Hypoallergenic

Synthetic Film Wax, Hypoallergenic

Premium synthetic wax used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, underarms). Especially for people with sensitive skin and / or an allergy to pine resin.

  • Free from natural pine resin.
  • New generation of hypoallergenic wax for sensitive skin.
  • No red spots or skin irritation.
  • Low melting point (+ 38 ° C).
  • This wax is extra flexible.
  • Wax does not break down.
  • Use with a spatula regardless of hair growth direction
  • Remove without strips.
  • Perfect for brow styling and waxing underarms, face and bikini line.

Hard Synthetic Film wax video: