After Wax products

After Wax: the best wax after-treatment

After waxing, a red rash may appear on the skin and the skin's pH level usually becomes unbalanced. Waxing partially removes the natural protective layer on our skin. During that time, the skin is exposed to a higher risk of infection. Good after-wax treatment reduces the risk of an unsightly and unpleasant rash or infection. Wax Discounter has the best afterwax products that soothe the skin, restore the epidermis and bring the pH value back into balance. All afterwax products are also very economical in use and last for many treatments.

Aftercare wax / wax treatment

The hair follicles are open after a wax treatment, the skin can sometimes be a bit red. It is therefore important to keep your skin clean after the treatment (24 to 48 hours). It is also advised to avoid heat and friction, such as not to shower too hot and not to use the sunbed. It is also recommended to wait a while before exercising and not to wear tight clothing.

In addition, you can get a rash on the skin after the first waxing or waxing. This can be in the form of itching, bumps and burning. This rash occurs because the skin is not used to waxing. This post-reaction should disappear automatically and will diminish or even fail after a second waxing.

Remove wax residues

It can happen that after waxing all hair is removed but residues of wax remain.
The Wax Discounter range offers various afterwax gels and oils that easily remove the wax residues and remove the sticky feeling. Additional red rash and irritation are minimized by the soothing action of menthol. This also ensures that the skin feels fresh, supple and soft. Afterwax Menthol has antiseptic properties that prevent inflammation.