Protection rings

Italwax protection rings

Italwax protection rings prevent damage to your wax heater

Italwax protective rings help against wax spills. Protect your wax heater and prevent wax from getting between the tin and the wax heater.

Italwax protective rings packaging

The wax heater protection rings are packed per 50 pieces

Protective rings waxheater, method

  • You stretch the protective ring over the edge of the can of wax before you place it in the wax heater.
  • During the wax, any spilled wax will fall on the protective ring.
  • After the waxing, remove the protective ring
  • Wait to remove the protective ring until the wax has hardened.
  • Now clean your wax heater and spatulas with the special Italwax Cleaner

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Wholesale protective rings

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