Starter Kit (Male)

Waxing for men

Men's waxing is no longer reserved for athletes and it is no longer a taboo subject, as apparently 1 in 3 men have incorporated shaving into their beauty routine. Sugaring, hot wax or wax strips are all waxing techniques that leave you with no stubble for up to four weeks. Smooth!

The recent rise in male grooming means that treatments for temporary or permanent hair removal are no longer considered effeminate or vain. Intimate waxing has developed its own vocabulary with 'manscaping' and 'boyzilians' and some slightly less subtle descriptions!

Benefits of male waxing

The benefits of waxing men include less body odor, better appearance and more muscle definition. A smooth finish can improve athletic performance and self-confidence, as muscles appear larger. A great added incentive for all gym goers. There is no real difference between waxing in men and waxing in women, only that much more hair must be removed. Waxing can be a little painful the first time, especially in the more sensitive areas, but a trained hair removal therapist uses a range of products and techniques to minimize discomfort and with regular appointments it becomes a virtually painless process. This is because the hair in regularly treated areas thins over time, becoming softer and lighter in color. As they say, the first time waxing is always the hardest!