Help! It's a jungle down there!

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Help! It's a jungle down there!

No more parties. And dating in this day and age was already difficult, but has pretty much become mission §impossible since the pandemic. Working from home in your woolly pajamas. You just start liking your dog or cat a lot more than others. You stopped waxing your armpits and the lot down there regularly a long time ago. Actually, you've also become a little too lazy to take action or keep track of things. Recognizable?

The corona pandemic has a major impact on the mind and health. For example, 36% of people say that corona makes them feel more tired and gloomy, research shows. Moreover, because of corona we spend much more time at home and we are often alone because of social distancing. So it's not surprising that it makes you feel a little different in your own skin. Many women and men realize that they have barely waxed their legs, armpits or bikini line since the lockdown by the corona virus. Time barely has a meaning anymore and some don't even know what day of the week it is, let alone the actual calendar date. Many things are simply forgotten and the bikini line is also ignored. That appointment at the beauty salon for a Brazilian was just when the salons had to close, so you can guess what it looks like down there by now. Given the big, important things going on in the world right now, body hair maintenance doesn't seem like such a high priority.

With your hands in your hair

The influence corona is even noticeable in the long men's haircuts and beards that just about all men seem to have all of a sudden. People are literally a bit at a loss for words. Add in your jogging pants, pajamas, loose clothing and no makeup and the picture is complete. Living with hair during the lockdown may have become the norm, but it's not something we're eager to continue once we're "released" from home. Of course, now that salons have been allowed to open again recently, there is once again quite a queue to get your turn. But you don't have to stay in a hairy situation waiting for when you can finally go to the wax parlor again: you can easily get to work on excessive hair growth yourself.


Tips against corona drag
Yes, the corona virus has also revolutionized our waxing practices, but by now it's high time to take matters back into your own hands. Time to break the pattern and take action. Then you'll automatically feel a lot better. Keeping it neat and clean is not as hard as you think. The basic necessities for waxing and grooming various body parts can be purchased for less than three tenners. The inexpensive Basic Waxing starter kit includes flexible film wax and pre and post treatment products. When it comes to the hair down there, we are all different. Some women have a thin patch, while others tend to have a bit of a jungle. No matter what your situation is, you can easily purchase the Brazilian / Bodywaxing 800 ml Starter Kit yourself and then you'll immediately have everything you need on hand for a beautiful Brazilian waxing, as well as underarm and facial hair removal. In this package is besides Brazilian hard wax and applicators even a professional wax warmer. And as icing on the cake you will also find various after-treatment products to take good care of your skin.


Don't forget the aftertreatment
Waxing has been proven effective time and time again, whether done by professionals or by you at home. Waxing is effective because it removes hair from the roots. However, proper post-treatment is important. Be kind to yourself. Lubricate the parts of your body that you have waxed with a nourishing cream or oil. For example, you can choose a product like After wax Cooling Gel, which provides a pleasant cooling effect and prevents inflamed hair follicles. The ingredient witch hazel in turn reduces any irritation after waxing and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


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