Italwax Paraffin

What is Italwax paraffin?

Paraffin is a natural constituent of crude oil and consists of pure hydrocarbon compounds. You can compare it with a soft wash. The Italwax paraffin is also a kind of candle wax. When it gets hot, it melts into a liquid product. When it comes into contact with the air again, it hardens. Another example: Paraffin is often used to make candles or tea lights, for example.

How is Italwax paraffin used?

This product comes in a paraffin bath, in which you immerse your hands or feet. Your pores open well, allowing the product to penetrate your skin. A paraffin bath is part of the luxury manicure. But many people do not immediately know what a paraffin bath is or what it is for. With the luxury manicure, the paraffin is gently heated in a paraffin bath. Before you dip your hands in this warm bath, they are massaged with hand cream. When you take your hands out of the bath, the paraffin solidifies immediately.

What is Italwax paraffin used for?

If you suffer from dry and damaged hands or feet, possibly with painful chaps, Italwax paraffin is definitely recommended. It softens the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens and improves the subcutaneous tissue and softens the cuticles and painful muscles in, for example, rheumatism.

Result after paraffin treatment?

The heat will open up the pores after the paraffin treatment and the Hand Cream that has been applied beforehand can be better absorbed. A paraffin treatment completely seals the skin, giving it an insulating effect and subsequently increasing blood flow. After the Italwax paraffin treatment, your hands will feel silky soft. Warm paraffin softens and moisturizes the epidermis and cuticles and makes your skin more elastic. It stimulates circulation and removes waste products and irregularities.

Paraffin also provides a light deep cleaning so that your hands look well-groomed and younger.

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