Hot wax in tins | For use with strips

Hot wax in tins

Hot wax in a tin containing 400 ml or 800 ml of transparent liquid wax with a wide variety of fragrances, colors, bases and uses. Heat the wax jars to the desired temperature for use. The warmed wax is applied in a thin layer on the skin for optimal results. Apply the wax with a spatula, in the direction of the hair. You can then use the hair removal strips to remove the wax.

Suitable for universal wax can heating!

The ItalWax wax jars are each suitable for universal heaters. If you have already bought a wax heater, you can heat the wax in the can without any problems.

Advantages of canned wax

Large volume. - Suitable for waxing large areas of skin. - Suitable for thin and light hair.

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Useful tips for use

The skin has to be clean and dry. Better results are obtained if the skin has been exfoliated the day before. The wax is heated in a container that allows the application of direct heat or in a specific appliance equipped with a thermostat that maintains the wax at a suitable temperature.

Before applying the hot and melted wax on the legs it is advisable to apply a little hot wax on the back of your hand, to check the band for temperature and to avoid burns on sensitive parts.

To apply the wax, spread with the spatula over the area to be hair removed in the direction of hair growth. The wax strip should be thin and even, leaving a small edge at the end for easier grip.

Allow the strip to dry until it is no longer sticky at touch and the thickened end lifts up easily. Tighten the skin with one hand and remove the wax with the other pulling quickly and powerful pull against the grain and parallel to the skin.