Leg Waxing instructions & Video

Leg waxing

You can easily wax your legs yourself. Dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin with the wax. This is how your legs get the coveted smooth look! Also, after waxing, it takes longer for hair to grow back on the legs. If you haven't waxed your legs beforehand, it makes sense to start with the lower legs. This is because the skin on your lower legs is naturally quite tight. As a result, very little can actually go wrong. To begin with, there are a variety of supplies and wax systems that you can use to wax your legs at home.


Leg waxing products

Everything you need for a perfect waxing of the legs, but also for hair removal of arms, armpits, bikini line and face. These products can be ordered separately or via the ItalWax Starterskit Pro 400 Film Wax. With this kit you get all the essentials in one go for a perfect waxing experience.


Biemme Fornello Basic 400ml | Universal wax heaterItalWax Film wax azuleneItalWax Wood wax spatulas extra narrow 100 piecesItalWax Wax cartridge 100 ml honeyItalWax Cooling gel for after waxing

 ItalWax Pre wax lotion Aloe Vera  ItalWax Fleece strips 7 x 20 cm package 100 piecesBiemme Free' wax cartridge heaterItalWax Pre powder for pre-treatment Sugaring Waxing, Talc 150 grItalWax Wax jars with lids. Suitable for all 400 or 800ml wax heaters

Wax your own legs: good preparation

It is important to have good preparation before you start waxing. For example, the skin must be clean, dry and, above all, free of grease before the start. So it is better not to wax after showering, but before showering. Many shower lotions leave a layer of cream on the skin, which means that the legs are not completely free of oil. To avoid this problem, we recommend a pre-treatment product to use. It is also recommended to apply talcum powder to the skin before applying the wax. Because of the powder, the wax adheres less to the skin, which can relieve the pain.

Removal of the hair removal strip

The strip must be pulled off against the direction of hair growth. You can remove the hair removal strip with one hand and hold the skin taut and tight with the other hand. This is because the skin should not be pulled up when the wax is removed. You can use this hair removal strip about 3 to 4 times to remove the wax.

Waxing your own legs ends with a satisfied feeling. It is actually not difficult to wax your own legs at home!