Sugar paste instructions & video

Wax yourself with sugar wax

With sugar wax , you can easily remove unwanted hair from large surfaces, but also from more sensitive areas such as the bikini line and forearms. There are several types of sugar wax. Soft paste is particularly suitable for larger areas. For the bikini line, for example, it is better to use a harder wax.

Waxing with a sugar paste can be done in two different ways, by hand and with strips. Both procedures are explained.

Self waxing by hand step by step plan

1. Prepare the skin: Heat the wax in a heater until it is liquid. The skin must be clean, dry and possibly oil-free before you start. So there shouldn't be a layer of (your) body lotion or body oil on the skin. Therefore, apply a preparation foam and talcum powder.

2. Apply sugar wax: Heat the paste in a heater until it is liquid. Use the spatula to remove the paste from the jar, preferably in a circular motion. Then shape the wax into a ball with your fingers. Apply the wax with your index and middle fingers and stretch them over the skin against the direction of hair growth.

3. Remove the sugar paste: stretch the skin before removing the sugar paste. Remove the paste with quick movements in the direction of hair growth.

Wax it yourself with step-by-step strips

1. Prepare the skin: Again , it is important that the skin is clean. Apply a prep foam and talcum powder.

2. Application: Heat the wax until it is liquid. You can then apply the wax with a spatula. They do this against the direction of the hair.

3. Remove the sugar wax : apply the strip with the end free of the wax. Next, first push the strip a little in the direction of application, then remove the strip in the direction of hair growth. You do this in one quick motion.

With these instructions you will be well prepared to grow sugar wax yourself!

NOTE: The application of sugar wax requires special technique and experience.