Care products to be used before hair removal

Pre Wax: the best wax preparation

The skin can take a lot, but it is delicate in many places. Hygiene is therefore of great importance when waxing. This is because grease, moisture, skin flakes, bacteria and make-up hinder a pain-free waxing process with optimal results. To prevent the skin from being pulled too much by the applied wax, the skin should be cleaned, dried and degreased. Cleansing the skin can be done excellently with the help of lotions, gels and cosmetic talcum powder. All pre-treatment products are very economical and last for many treatments.

Pretreatment Care

The care products of Wax Discounter are used in the pre-treatment for Wax. Often people in haste forget to take a good pre-treatment, you should definitely not do this! Pre Wax lotions, gels and talcum powders make waxing much more pleasant. The lotions and gels degrease and clean the skin and let the hair stand upright for optimal encapsulation of the wax. Due to the encapsulation of the hair, the wax has excellent grip. Thanks to these aids, the wax will stick less to the skin and leave fewer red spots.

After applying the lotion or gel it is recommended to apply talcum powder. The talcum powder puts a protective layer on the skin, making the wax less sensitive. Proper pre-treatment reduces the pain! In addition, it is advisable not to smear oil or petroleum jelly on the affected area the day before waxing.

Prewax products wholesale

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