Instruction manual

Directions for use of Refectocil Eyebrow and Eyelash tint

Simple and Safe Application - Short processing time - Optimal color result - Lasts up to 6 weeks Long.


For a gentle removal of your eye make-up, use a non-greasy Eye Make-Up Remover. The eyelashes and eyebrows must be dry and free of grease to achieve optimal painting results. Take two Eyelash Leaves . Apply Refectocil Skin Protection Cream to the client's lower eyelids and the underside of the eyelash petals . Press each eyelash leaf close to the eyelashes so that no paint gets on the skin.

Preparation (Mix 1: 1)

Just before painting, stir 2 cm of paint and 10 drops of Refectocil Oxidant Liquid or 15 to 20 drops of Refectocil Oxidant Cream in a mixing bowl to a creamy paste with the help of the enclosed paint stick.

To paint:

Apply the paint to the eyelashes with the paint stick or an eyelash paint brush until they are completely covered with paint. Then apply the same or a lighter shade of color to the eyebrows in the direction of growth.

Application time:

Depending on the desired intensity (see scheme per color below)

Cleaning the eyebrows:

After the processing time, remove the excess paint with a cotton ball. Should the skin have come into contact with the paint, the paint stains can be removed quickly and gently with a remover (not included in the basic set). The eyelashes and the skin around the eyes should not be treated with the remover.

Cleaning the eyelashes:

After the application time, carefully remove the eyelash petals in the direction of the ear and remove the excess paint with a dry cotton ball. Remove the remaining paint residues with water and cotton wool. The eyes should remain closed until they are completely clean.

Color nuances blond deep black graphite blue-black deep blue natural brown light brown chestnut red violet
Application time (min) 5-20 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-10 10-20 10-20