Wax heater for professionals

Security mini wax heater 100ml

Wax heater especially for small wax cans of 100ml. Ideal for waxing the face. Including thermostat.


Dimax Security 2000 wax warmer

Security 2000 wax warmer

The "Security 2000" is a professional wax warmer of Italian design and made in Italy. For heating 400 and 800 ml wax tins. Available in white and stainless steel.

Italian quality wax heater Doppio

Metal double wax heater for 400, 500 or 800ml ml cans. With independent temperature control. Suitable for heating all types of waxes including Film Wax. Made in Italy

Wax heater for professional use with a long service life

The wax heaters in this category were specially developed for professional use, for example in the (wax) salon. All materials are designed for a long service life.

The heating up time of these heaters is much faster than that of normal heaters. In addition, they have precise thermostats that ensure that they always stay at the correct operating temperature.

Investing in a device in this category is therefore always a good choice.