Alcohol Podior Disinfectant Liquid 80%

Disinfectant liquid based on denatured ethyl alcohol for disinfecting the skin, instruments and surfaces. Alcohol Podior Disinfectant Liquid 80% is approved by the CTBG.
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Podior 80: Disinfectant liquid based on denatured ethyl alcohol, 80%

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The cleaning products Alcohol Podior and Podilon from Reymerink can now officially be used to prevent contamination of the Corona Virus through the hands. The product is a ready-to-use liquid that must be used undiluted.

Podior alcohol - Disinfection of the skin

The product is only intended for disinfection of permanently intact skin, ie skin that will not be opened or pierced after disinfection. First clean and dry the skin to be disinfected. Apply the product to the skin to be treated with, for example, a cellulose swab.

Apply so much of the product that the treated skin remains moist for the entire application time (minimum 30 seconds). Then let the skin dry. Minimum processing time: 30 seconds.

Podior disinfection of hard surfaces

Clean surfaces to be treated first. Rinse off any cleaning agent used with clean water. Remove excess water.

Apply the product to the surface to be treated with a cloth or wad of cotton wool and let it work for +/- 5 minutes. When disinfecting, use so much liquid that the surface remains wet during the entire application time.

Then rub the surface dry with, for example, a cellulose cloth. Working time: +/- 5 minutes.

Disinfection for:

  • Anything that comes in contact with your hands.
  • Furniture and objects.
  • Office / desk, mouse, keyboard.
  • Door handles or knobs.
  • Plexiglass plates.
  • Shopping cart
  • catering industry
  • kitchen
  • plumbing
  • Windows
  • stainless steel
  • Car

Podior disinfection of instruments by means of dipping

Clean the materials first. Rinse off any cleaning agent used with clean water. Remove excess water.
Then immerse the materials completely in Alcohol podior 80% for +/- 5 minutes.
Then remove the materials from the disinfectant with clean gloves and let them dry in a clean place.

Approved product

Always use a disinfectant approved for the intended use. An authorized product has an N number (registration Ctgb) or an E number (registration medical device). What it is authorized for and how it should be used must be stated on the label or in the package leaflet .

Approval by the Ctgb:
Admission number 14331 N (IPA denaturation). Belgium: 6615B.

Content : Jerrycan of 5 or 10 liters.

Legal instructions for use podior 80%:

Only use is permitted as a means to combat:

  1. Bacteria (excluding mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts, fungi, and viruses on hard surfaces and instruments in human and veterinary health care, in pedicure practices, in beauty salons, in nail salons and in laboratories, excluding surfaces that may come into contact with food and drinkware and raw materials therefor.

The dosage and reaction time as indicated in the instructions for use must be adhered to. Used immersion liquid must be disposed of as chemical waste. The product is intended for professional use only.


Always clean first, use undiluted:

  • Permanently intact skin: keep wet for at least 30 seconds & let it act, then let it dry.
  • Surfaces (max. 0.5 m2): keep wet for 5 minutes & allow to act, then rub dry.
  • Instruments: Immerse for at least 5 minutes, then air dry (cover immersion liquid & change daily)

Nature of preparation: Liquid for direct application, active ingredient: Ethanol 80% v/v


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