Beauty Blender

With the Beauty Blender you apply foundation, blush and powder simply and professionally.
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Handy makeup sponge

From now on it will be easier to reach hard to reach and narrow contours of your face. The unique design ensures a flawless and even complexion and has an ultimate reach. The Beauty Blender will achieve a professional and streak-free result.

The world's first rimless sponge. The special shape of the Beauty Blender allows you to perfectly reach all contours of your face with a professional, streak-free result.

It is a soft sponge to apply makeup to the face. The unique design and structure ensures a flawless and even complexion. Foundation and blush can be easily applied with the Beauty Blender. The egg-shaped sponge molds perfectly to the contours of your face. The narrower top makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach areas such as the nose and eyes. The wider side can be used for larger surfaces.

The sponge consists of 100% latex-free material with a very fine structure.

Beauty Blender chooses safe, water-soluble dyes that are not harmful to the environment and will preserve the color of the foam.

Instructions :
1. Wet the Beauty Blender in water
2. The sponge now doubles in size!
3. Squeeze excess moisture from the Beauty blender
4. Now the Beauty Blender is ready to use.
5. Dab the Beauty Blender into your favorite makeup. (Caution: Do not rub!)
6. Now apply your make-up on your face in a dotted manner until you have a perfect result. (Caution: Do not rub!)
7. Are you ready? Let it dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated and dry room. This prevents the material from suffocating.
8. Enjoy a comfortable, even and streak-free finish
9. Simply and professionally apply your foundation, blush and powder with the Beauty Blender.

Note : A new Beauty Blender may lose color initially if it gets damp. This is normal and belongs to the properties of the Beauty blender.

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Prima beauty blender

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