Fornello Basic 800ml | Universal wax heater

Wax heater for cans. Suitable for 800 ml cans and all types of wax. Including thermostat. Available in white and black. Italian top quality,
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Fornello Basic 800ml | Universal wax heater

Wax heater suitable for heating and dissolution of all the types of wax and wax.

Complies with the Decree 12th 2011, no. 110 standard.

Place the heater on a flat surface.
Plug the power outlet and check that the red light. The warning light comes on to indicate to the heater is heating up .. Place 400ml pot with the wax in a can or jar.

Set the thermostat (button) to the desired temperature to allow rapid melt the wax so that the product remains in the liquid tin. The heating time of the wax can vary from 25 to 35 minutes.
The red light is turned off when the desired temperature has been reached.

Power supply: 220V Vac 50 Hz
Power:. 150 W.
Capacity: 800 ml

Made in Italy | 2 years guarantee


Elsemiek de Meulder Posted on 28 April 2021 at 16:24

Prima apparaat! Héél blij mee. Duurt even voor de hars warm is maar blijft dan wel op de goede temperatuur.

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