Refectocil produces over 70 weird (since 1950) paint for eyelashes and eyebrows. The Austrian company is very successful and is today sold in 50+ countries. The eyelashes and eyebrow colors of Refectocil have grown rapidly in popularity recently. The eyebrow color of Refectocil is a perfect solution for women who do not want to wear mascara every day.

Refectocil eyebrow and eyelash colors

RefectoCil is the best permanent solution when it comes to coloring your eyebrows. With a wide line of any color, everyone can now enjoy dark eyelashes or eyebrows without having to use mascara or an eyebrow pencil every day. In addition to the regular line, Refectocil has now also developed a line especially for sensitive skin. With the Refectocil eyebrow dye you can enjoy a beautiful dark color eyebrows that stays perfectly in place for up to 6 weeks. Extensive collection consists of a special oxidant, various care products and 10 different colors. Choose the color that suits you!

Why Refectocil eyebrow paint?

The paint is also available in multiple colors, so you can easily choose the right color. You can also mix most colors together to create the perfect color. Perfect if you want to wear little or no make-up and still have a sparkling look. The paint is safe and can be used with peace of mind.