Buy epilator wire from Vardhman? In the Far East it has long been commonplace: manually tweezing eyebrows with a string. Meanwhile, it begins to be popular in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. At Harsdiscounter you can find the best epilating wire of Vardhman.

Epilating wire

Vardhman is a merger of the American company Yarns & Threads Limited and the Indian Vardhman Textile. This strategic joint venture leverages the strengths of both companies to expand yarn sales in India's fast-growing sewn products market, as well as the presence of Yarns & Threads Limited's technological know-how in the Asia region. Vardhman is headquartered in Mount Holly, North Carolina, but the company operates worldwide and is always on the lookout for the best development of sustainable products such as epileated thread.

Durable and antibacterial epilating wire

Vardhman has two production lines of epilating wire. The Organic and the Vanity line. Organic epilator wire is made from exclusive premium quality organic cotton and is an environmentally friendly product. It is also a skin friendly product. In addition, the epilating wire is manufactured without harmful chemicals and no chemical substances are used during the production process. The Vanity line is an antibacterial epilating wire made from the best quality cotton on the most modern machines, which protects the skin from any kind of allergy or infection. With good elasticity to withstand stress during use.