Brazilian Film Wax Beans Green Tea - 1 kg.

Particularly soft and elastic wax, ideal for depilating any part of the body. Also suitable for sensitive areas.
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Brazilian Film Wax Beans Green Tea - 1 kg

Xanitalia Brazilian Film Wax Beans is a strip-free wax that gently and relatively painlessly removes hair from the skin. The wax helps expand the skin's pores and gently removes the hair root without irritating the skin. The wax can be used at low temperatures, so you don't burn yourself during application. The wax is ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini line, armpits and face.
The wax is easy to apply, does not crack when it hardens and is soft and elastic to work with. You only need to apply a thin layer for an almost perfect result and you will notice that you have to wax less often than usual as the wax gently removes the hairs at the root.

You will notice that your skin is soft and smooth after the treatment and that your pores remain small and closed. The wax is very gentle on the skin and you will experience great results every time you use it, even on small hairs.

Features :
- Soft and elastic beans for gentle hair removal
- Flexible and soft, easy to work with
- Use without strips
- Ideal for sensitive skin, suitable for the entire body
- Grabs even very small and short hairs.

1: Heat the wax beans in a wax heater until they are completely melted and have a creamy, smooth consistency.
2: Check the temperature of the wax before use to minimize the risk of injury from excessive temperature. For example, apply a small amount to your wrist.
3: Use a spatula to apply a thin, even layer in the direction of hair growth. Leave a slightly thicker layer at the ends to make it easier to grab the wax when you want to remove it.
4: Wait for the wax to cool down. Gently lift the end of the wax, hold it against the skin with your fingers and pull the wax off in quick jerks against the direction of hair growth.
5: Once the wax is gone, place the dog on the skin to soothe the area. Use a care product to remove all wax residues and care for the skin.
NOTE: Only use the wash on dry skin and not on irritated or damaged skin, wounds or rashes, pimples or varicose veins that bulge on the skin.

Ingredients : Glyceryl Rosinate, parraffinum liquidum, titanium dioxide, CI 26100

Contents: 1000 grams.



Mirella Posted on 8 October 2023 at 21:04

Frisse kleur, werkt ook goed.

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