Silk Hair Growth Retardant, 150ml

Silk is a revolutionary moisturizing hair growth inhibitor that is the result of medical research, based on natural products and recognized for their effectiveness.
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Silk Hair Growth Retardant, 150ml

Rejuvenate your skin safely

Silk delivers natural cell regeneration.
Powered by the latest Regenerative Medical research, Silk helps the cells damaged during hair removal to care for themselves.

When treated with Silk, the generic stem cells at the bulb of the hair root are encouraged to mimic the surrounding skin cells and transform into silky smooth skin.

Hydrated, they can repair themselves and naturally regenerate into skin cells. They retain this cellular memory, so the majority of unwanted hair disappears to be replaced by soft, healthy skin.

- Silk is a natural post-epilatory treatment that enhances the results of your hair removal.
- For use on your legs, armpits, body and face.
- Suitable for all skin types.

This post hair removal care is designed to enhance the results after hair removal. It helps repair the damaged cells and perfect hair removal:

  • Silk helps undifferentiated cells to rebuild in imitation of the surrounding skin cells: They are transformed into skin, not hair.
  • Silk deeply moisturizes and instantly soothes the skin because the formula is rich in soothing properties.
  • Silk helps you optimize the results of your hair removal.


Apply to freshly depilated areas and massage until fully absorbed. Apply daily in the morning and evening for a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

What are the active ingredients?

  • Myrica Cerifera and Inositol, to slow hair growth and reduce hair thickness.
  • Allantoin, soothing and moisturizing to stimulate skin renewal.
  • Cafeine, Witch Hazel and Red Vine for their draining action.
  • Gentian, Centella Asiatica, Arnica for their combined purifying, soothing and draining properties.

Silk is free from PEGs, parabens and phenoxyethanol


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