Man waxing instructions & video

Man waxing 

Film wax makes waxing a man very easy. This wax follows the contours of the body so that all hairs are included in one go. Even the shortest hairs are removed with film wax. So you do not have to worry that these will not be carried by the wax. This wax is also suitable for tattooed skin.

To get started with waxing, there are several supplies and waxing systems suitable for waxing a man.

Man waxing roadmap

1. Make sure your skin is oil-free: The skin must be clean, dry and, if necessary, oil-free before you start. So there should not be a layer of (your) body lotion or body oil on the skin. As a result, the wax or wax cannot adhere well to the hairs. For best results, use a pre-wax gel and talcum powder.

2. Make sure the wax is at the right temperature: Bring the wax to the right temperature in 20 minutes by setting the wax device to the highest temperature. After this, lower the temperature to 45 degrees. It is important that the wax is applied at the right temperature, it should look like liquid honey.

3. Apply the wax: When the wax is at the right temperature, you can apply it. You do this with a wax spatula. Always make sure you end on a piece of skin without hair. This will make removing the wax easier.

4. Removing the wax: After applying you will now have to remove the wax. First check if the wax is hard, this takes five to ten seconds. Remove it by grasping the end and pulling it loose in one go. While doing this, it is important to stretch the skin. This way you prevent a violent reaction and the result is better.

Supplies for waxing

Everything you need for perfectly waxing a man, but also for depilation of legs and arms. These products can be ordered separately or via the ItalWax Starterskit Pro 400 (man). With this set you get all the essentials in one go for a perfect waxing experience.


Biemme Fornello Basic 400ml | Universal wax heaterItalWax Film wax azuleneItalWax Wood wax spatulas extra narrow 100 piecesItalWax Wax cartridge 100 ml honeyItalWax Cooling gel for after waxing

 ItalWax Pre wax lotion Aloe Vera  ItalWax Fleece strips 7 x 20 cm package 100 piecesBiemme Free' wax cartridge heaterItalWax Pre powder for pre-treatment Sugaring Waxing, Talc 150 grItalWax Wax jars with lids. Suitable for all 400 or 800ml wax heaters

After waxing a man

After waxing, you can rub the skin well with a nourishing cream, lotion or oil. This way you reduce the reaction of the skin and you also reduce the risk of ingrown hair.

With the above explanation you are well prepared to wax a man yourself!