Tweezers Pointer ION

The design classic with a special antibacterial silver ion coating and tips. Effective hygiene without problems.
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Anti-Bacterial cosmetically coated tweezers; Rubis

Rubis Pointer is an anti-bacterial coated tweezers cosmetic which is not only precise but also facilitates hygienic use. The special coating allows silver ions to bacteria, neutralize germs and other pathogens. Reliably, automatically and very naturally without causing allergic reactions and extremely durable. The pointed tips are particularly suitable for removing ingrown hairs or splinters. Thanks to its perfect ease of processing, use make-up artists like Bobbi Brown and Soul Lee Rubis cosmetic tweezers.

What characterizes a really good pair of tweezers? Three things: The perfect closing of the tips, their edges and a tension arm ensures that provides at squeezing the tweezers, a flexible light resistance. Qualities that, even with a lot of experience and expertise, can only be coated in the steel as it is of the highest quality. Therefore, compromise is not an option. We therefore only work with high quality stainless steel is acid resistant, anti-magnetic and stainless. These excellent material characteristics of our tweezers retain their perfect functionality for many years.

values ​​are important to us. Exceptionally reliable and precise cosmetic tweezers are the result of a 45-step process that is very much in the tradition of Swiss precision mechanics. Made by hand - and, in a final step, again tested individually under a magnifying glass. Only tweezers which the test passed, given the quality seal Rubis, made in Switzerland. "

For us, design is not just a matter of form. It is our promise. And because people have recognized, we can take this promise seriously. Our tweezers and scissors have been internationally awarded numerous major awards for their outstanding design.

The Rubis Pointer Ion is designed by Fides Baldesberger.

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