Sugar paste extra strong 400 ml

Sugar paste Extra Strong 400 ml Extra Strong is an extra thick sugar paste specially designed for use in hot environments.
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Extra strong sugar wax

Perfect for waxing in warmer environments.

Volume: tin 400 ml

Method of applying

1. Open the can lid.
2. Convert the can in the heater and warm to t 40 ° C / 104 ° F.
3. Take a small amount of sugar paste and make a ball with your fingers.
4. Bring the sugar paste ball handle on the field too, against the direction of hair growth.
5. Remove the paste in the direction of hair growth, only with your hands.
6. Treat the area with an after sugaring lotion.

It is possible to mix different kinds of sugar paste of Italwax by melting them together. T avoid heating above 40 ° C / 104 ° F. Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place away from direct light

Ingredients : hydrolyzed corn starch, sucrose, Aqua (water), glucose



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