Practical , complete and affordable starter kits.

Wax starter sets

Various wax and wax sets

Would you like to go through and try out the entire wax process yourself? Wax Discounter has put together various starter kits in which all facets of a wax treatment can be tested. There are sets for body waxing as well as Brazilian treatments. From the prewax products to the afterwax products, the wax set for starters contains the complete package. And you can go your own way. Moreover, you are cheaper too!

All wax and wax products are from top brands such as ItalWax, Biemme and Xanitalia

The right technique is crucial

Because the wax process must be carried out accurately and properly, a number of instructional videos can be found on the website or on the Youtube channel of Wax Discounter. Specially recorded for the starter by the wax specialists of ItalWax. You can find these videos in the main menu under 'instruction videos'. The waxing procedures for the bikini line, underarms, face and chest are highlighted.

The cheapest in the Netherlands!

Wax Discounter is the cheapest provider of starter sets in the Netherlands and Germany. By purchasing large and smart, we can offer all wax products - including the starter set - at rock-bottom prices.

Wax sets wholesale

Are you interested in complete wax and wax sets for starters? Order it today at Wax Discounter! In addition to the best prices, we offer very high wax products and excellent service. Of course it is also possible to purchase in large volumes. In case you have specific wishes, we kindly request you to contact us. We are happy to assist you.