Regea Sweet Almond Massage Oil 500/5000ml

Our massage oil has been specially developed for sensitive and delicate skin and enriches your skin care routine with the formula based on sweet almond oil.
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Sweet almond massage oil

Enjoy natural relaxation and the soft touch of XanitaliaPro Regea Neutral Sweet Almond Massage Oil. Specially developed for sensitive and delicate skin, our massage oil enriches your skin care routine with its sweet almond oil-based formula. Witness the transformation of your skin's suppleness and enjoy its soothing properties with every use.
Our product has been carefully crafted to professional standards, making it ideal for use in gyms, beauty centres, spas, wellness centers and tanning salons. Enhance every massage experience with the enhanced lubricity of XanitaliaPro Regea when used with massage creams.

Benefits of XanitaliaPro Sweet Almond Massage Oil:

- Natural relaxation and softness for sensitive and sensitive skin.
- Emollient properties that restore suppleness.
- Suitable for professional use in wellness environments.
- Improves gliding when used with massage creams.

How to use XanitaliaPro sweet almond massage oil?

- Apply a generous amount to the desired skin area.
- Massage gently until the oil is absorbed.
- For best results, use it with a massage cream to increase glide.


- For maximum benefits, use it after a warm shower when pores are open.
- Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is XanitaliaPro massage oil suitable for all skin types?
A: It is specially designed for sensitive and sensitive skin, but the natural ingredients are generally safe for all skin types.

Question: Can I use XanitaliaPro massage oil with other skin care products?
A: Absolutely! Our oil can be used with a massage cream to improve glide and absorption.

Question: Where can I best use XanitaliaPro massage oil?
A: It is a professional quality product suitable for gyms, beauty centers, spas, wellness centers and tanning salons, but it can also be used for personal care at home.

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