Wax cartridge sugar 100 ml

Sugar wax in rollers, trendy hair removal with a sugar-based resin. An excellent sugar wax with excellent results. Easily removes all unwanted hair growth. This wax is suitable for all skin types.
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Wax cartridge sugar 100 ml

Must be heated in a cartridge heater. Suitable for all 100ml cartridge heaters. Sugar wax liquefies at a fairly low temperature, therefore the sugar resin cartridges are taped to prevent leakage. Please remove the tape before using the cartridge and put the cartridge away upright after use.

  • Suitable for sensitive or allergic skin
  • Sugar wax is water soluble
  • Excellent hair removal due to the perfect adhesive strength
  • Waxing several times over the same skin part is possible
  • Holiday Sugarwax is ready to use, just warm up
  • Sugar wax is of constant quality
  • Holiday Sugarwax has a long shelf life


Marta K Posted on 11 December 2022 at 18:37

the package (how they closed the patron)did looked like some home made version, but at the end turned oit a very good quality.

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