Italwax Solo

Italwax Solo: Hair removal products for at home

The Italwax Solo line is created based on individual preferences, allowing each specialist to receive their own individual set of skin care products. Italwax Solo hair removal products are ideal for removing unwanted hair.

Unique formula resin products

The unique formula of Solo wax has been developed for hair removal at home. The products guarantee professional results when used according to the directions. The Solo wax removes the hair from the root and is even effective for short hair (from 3 mm). This makes the resin perfect for short and coarse hair. The natural moisturizing ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin during hair removal. This keeps the skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.

Use resin products

Before you start hair removal, it may be wise to read the instructions or watch hair removal procedure videos. If you are going to wax yourself, it is important that you make good preparation and good post-treatment. The entire hair removal procedure consists of a number of steps to be followed. If this is adhered to, optimal results will be achieved. It is always important to pull off the wax with a quick movement, parallel to the skin. It can also help to keep the skin taut with the other hand.

Italwax production facility

The eco-friendly production facility is located in a picturesque spot overlooking a mountain range and green meadows. The factory is equipped with the latest German and Italian equipment that keeps intact our natural and organic raw materials used during the production process.