Duo wax heater for roll-on cartridges (Kit Duo Executive)

Professional duo wax heater for the simultaneous heating of 2 roll-on wax cartridges.

Kit Combinato Executive

Combi wax heater 400/800 ml + duo wax device. Suitable for heating all types of wax, including film wax.


ItalWax 9x wax cartridge 100 ml honey

9x wax cartridge 100 ml honey

Discount set with 9 honey wax cartridges for removing thin and fine hair.


ItalWax 5x Flex Aquamarine cartridge 100ml

5x Flex Aquamarine cartridge 100ml

Sale set of 5 Wax cartridge Flex 'Aquamarine'

Wax heater Glowax

The Glowax Heater is a small compact heater for removing facial hair. The device does not have a temperature controller, but is specially matched to the Cherry pink Glowax. Only suitable for home use and in combination with the Glowax.

Full Body Wax pre-wax oil 250ml

A gentle natural oil, formulated with natural plant components. It is used to prepare the skin for the Full Body Wax wax hair removal procedure and helps to apply wax more easily.

Film Wax Natural

Transparent wax with a special delicate formula for sensitive areas. Now also available in super discounted 10x1Kg Box!

Natural warm wax

Warm natural wax honey for removing thin, light hair.


ItalWax 5x wax cartridge roses 100ml

5x wax cartridge roses 100ml

Economy set of 5 wax cartridges. High density rose wax for the removal of short and stiff bristles.

Cosmetic Talcum Powder

Cosmetic talcum powder without zinc oxide that prevents skin irritation.

Glowax cherry pink film wax 400g

The new, sparkling Cherry Pink film wax, based on the finest synthetic resins, is specially created for painless hair removal procedures for small areas, such as face and armpits.