Professional Corona protective equipment

Corona: Professional protection products and disinfectants.

The corona virus currently has a major impact on everyone's daily life. As a result, the demand for hygiene, protection products and disinfectants has increased considerably. Partly for this reason, Wax Discounter has decided, in collaboration with various parties (including Reymerink ), to include various high-quality corona products in our range. In this way we want to contribute to a safe work situation within the beauty and wax salons in the Netherlands.


The Corona category shows products that are purchased by our customers with which they want to reduce the risk of contamination when used properly. Products are also shown that are or will become scarce due to declining production or supplies. There are no guarantees about protection, because the user decides on the purchase and is responsible for sensible use and storage.

User advice: consult official websites such as Red Cross, WHO on how to use the products safely. Where necessary and if applicable, consult the package leaflet.

Product specifications and standards are stated in the product descriptions.

In order to guarantee hygiene and possible sterility, the basis is that a right of withdrawal does not apply to, among other things, mouth masks and opened packaging. In case of doubt, in consultation.