Lashes & Brows


ItalWax Starter set face waxing Pro

Starter set face waxing Pro

Cost-effective kit for professionals with all the essentials for waxing eyebrows, facial hair, lips and sideburns. With professional and durable wax heating

Intensive Eyelash & Eyebrow Paint 20ml

Create a unique look with Intensive eyelash and eyebrow paint. Colors from Intensive give a more intense color on the eyebrows compared to other brands of paint.

Tweezers inclined pink 1K108

High quality and high quality cosmetic tweezers made of pink epoxy coated stainless steel.


Refectocil Eyebrows & Lashes Starter Set

Eyebrows & Lashes Starter Set

Affordable starter kit with all the products you need for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows.

Brow wax strips men

The unique Andmetics hair removal strips make every eyebrow perfect in just 2 minutes. Extremely effective: the hair is removed with the roots and only comes back silky soft 4 weeks later.

Hair Removal Strips Ear Man

The Andmetics hair removal strips for ears and nose remove all annoying hairs in just a few minutes. It can be used at home and is convenient and safe.


Refectocil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Sensitive

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Sensitive

The RefectoCil Sensitive has been developed with numerous vegetable dyes. The sublime mix of natural extracts makes the RefectoCil Sensitive extremely soft and therefore very suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.


Refectocil Eyebrows - Color & Styling Starter Set

Eyebrows - Color & Styling Starter Set

Inexpensive professional kit with everything you need to color your eyebrows and then style them. Contains tools for coloring and styling the eyebrows.

Cotton antibacterial epilation wire

Antibacterial epilation rope for prevention of infections made of high quality cotton300 meters of rope per roll

Eyebrow tweezers with built-in light

Stainless steel eyebrow tweezers with built-in light make work much easier. Not a hair will be unnoticed!


ItalWax Starterset Barber Pro

Starterset Barber Pro

Cost-effective Barber set that easily removes all unwanted hair allowing beard, eyebrow and sideburns to be precisely defined without damaging the skin. Designed for the professional.


Browly Soap Booster

Soap Booster

Take control: This brow soap + brush bundle transforms your brows within the blink of an eye and lets you style them the way you like: from brushed-up to natural to full glam.